A key part of my specialist role over the years has been to plan and deliver training for school based staff, parents and other professionals. I have also frequently delivered training for the National Autistic Society, parent’s groups and Local Authorities all over the country, and have devised and delivered training for the Univerities of Birmingham and Northampton.

 The main emphasis of these courses has been to develop participants’ understanding of the spectrum, and to use this as a basis for developing and implementing practical skills and strategies. Over the years of delivering this training, feedback from participants has consistently mentioned the practical usefulness of the training and the fact that sessions have been interesting and fun (despite the hard work!).

Topics on which I can deliver training include:

  • The prevention and managment of challenging behaviour
  • The use of visual structure (all aspects of the TEACCH approach)
  • Enhancing the understanding and use of communication
  • Developing social skills and relationships
  • Managing anxiety
  • Sexuality and ASD
  • Recognizing and meeting the needs of the family

Most of these can be delivered as one off packages of varying lengths, but I can also deliver extended training (over multiple sessions) on combinations of these topics.

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